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5 Reasons to Work with a Private Yoga Instructor

By Amy Friedreich, Certified Yoga Teacher, Amy Lynn Yoga, LLC

So look, I realize you can watch free yoga videos on YouTube at anytime (I do this too!). I also realize the magic that happens during an in-person group class at a yoga studio (again, I do this too!). By all means, keep doing what works for you! Just let me throw this out there as an additional option:

1. Personalization - customized sessions with personal instruction

Schedule a free consultation call to discuss your goals, interests, prior injuries, etc., and I will create a customized session to fit your needs. During each session, receive personal instruction to ensure proper form and alignment, so you can practice safely and securely. Sessions can include everything from physical exercise, to guided meditations, to yoga philosophy discussions, and more!

2. Convenience and Flexibility - schedule sessions to fit your busy lifestyle

We can meet online anywhere and at any time that fits your schedule. I offer 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions. You can schedule as you go, or reserve the same day / time each week. In-person sessions are available for local customers with social distancing.

3. Privacy - practice from the comfort of your own space

Practice yoga from the comfort of your own home or office without feeling like you have to compete with other students or worry about what you look like in awkward poses, such as happy baby ;)

4. Accountability - invest in yourself and get 1-on-1 support

When you pay for a service, you're more likely to use it because you made an investment. Likewise, when you make an appointment, you're likely to show up rather than skip because you think no one will notice. Meet your goals with one-on-one support.

5. Growth and Personal Development - take a journey of self-discovery

Yoga is a 3-part journey of self-discovery: physical, mental, and spiritual. Focus on one or all three! Learn about the "why" behind each movement, including its benefits. Yoga has much to offer beyond physical exercise.

Contact me to start your own unique yoga journey today!

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