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Warrior Pose - A New Way to Meet Those Stretch Goals

January 27, 2021| Workplace Wellness

by Holly Perryman, Human Resources Consultant at HR Managed, LLC

When I worked in a building and needed a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, I would take the extra time to walk to the bathroom at the opposite end of the building and stop in the breakroom for some social time. Refreshed and energized, I would head back to my office. Now, at home, the bathroom is 20 steps away and there is no fun co-worker to chat it up with in the breakroom (a.k.a. my kitchen). So my breaks are short and not nearly as energizing as I would like. Lack of face-to-face interactions can impact mental health. Sedentary desk jobs can lead to back and neck pain. And long days can lead to job burn out.

After the Covid-19 disruption, workplace wellness needs to brush itself off and get back in the game! Employers can bring energy and wellness into the workplace by giving employees both time and resources to live healthy.

There are lots of cost-effective ways to promote wellness in the workplace. One way to do that is through meditation apps. There are several out there like Headspace, 10% Happier, or Calm. Encourage employees to download the app and give them permission to step away for a short meditation during the day. This may be especially impactful after working on a challenging project or talking to an unhappy customer. However, meditation apps don’t provide a social boost.

Another idea…workplace yoga! Amy Friedrich, lawyer turned yoga-instructor, has a passion for bringing wellness into the workplace through Zoom yoga sessions at work that help stretch tight back muscles and refresh tired brains with a little workplace camaraderie built in. Amy’s number one rule? Be kind to yourself. Here are some of her tips for self-care at work: · Create a restful desk and office space free of clutter and unnecessary papers. Include a few favorite personal items. · Take breaks away from your desk and stay off your phone to limit screen time (walk, read a book, chat with a coworker). · Take a lunch break – away from your desk – so you can be mindful while you eat and enjoy your food. · Go outside! Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders to refresh and energize. · Practice good posture; use a standing desk. · Stretch from your chair or while standing. · Set an alarm or use a Fitbit to remind you to get up and walk around every hour or two. · Practice simple breathing techniques to help you stay calm and focused. Inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Repeat for one minute. · Drink plenty of water. Weigh yourself in pounds and divide by two, that is how many ounces of water a day you should be drinking. · Socialize with your coworkers even if it is virtually. Having a friend or confident in the workplace increases workplace satisfaction.

Ask your company about its employee wellness program. If they don’t have one, reach to HR Managed, LLC or to Amy Lynn Yoga and let us help bring wellness back to your workplace.

Need assistance making your workplace a great place to work? HR Managed, LLC is a human resources consulting firm helping top decision makers attract and retain top talent and build powerful teams to achieve business goals. Let’s talk about how we help manage HR so you can manage your business.

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